Your place to grow

A Smart and Efficient way

of extending your development team to Ukraine

We’re building something totally new and different than a traditional IT consultancy company, here's why:


We help you recruit your dream developers that would otherwise be both expensive and hard to get in the Nordics.


The developers works only directly with you, without any middle management and bureaucracy.

A place to call home

We are giving the developers everything they need to be productive working with you. Office design and its location, reliable internet connection, cutting-edge equipment are things we take care of.

The SFox model is responsive and highly flexible.
Delivery time is short for onboarding new developers, we make it happen in  2 - 4 weeks.

Cost of service
Our price model is transparent and predictable so you always know

the costs and the reimbursement your developers getting.

To learn more about the details

of our price model

Why choose Us

We want people and businesses to reach their maximum potential

Our vast knowledge and experience in IT sourcing and building teams in Ukraine makes us an ideal partner in helping you to extend your team to Ukraine.

We know how to build a team of dedicated professionals, who will feel like a part of the one whole entity with your company.

We create a working atmosphere people want to be in. This is a very strategic way of scaling your team, with this long-term and strategic approach you will control every step of the development process.

Person-oriented culture

Keeping your extended team motivated and focused is our mutual goal. We want to see them inspired and efficient. It is only possible in the work environment where a person feels safe, appreciated, and trusted. So we create the working relationship based on human values with the positive chemistry.

The SFox Model


Make it simple for you - is our goal. We handle all the legal issues, dealing with Ukrainian legal entities, taxes, agreements, payroll, and insurance. So you never have to worry about bureaucracy.


We create favorable conditions for your team to succeed. We believe that the working environment has to help people to both focus and feel comfortable. Office design and its location, reliable internet connection, cutting-edge equipment are the factors we take care of.


Our team at SFox are professional, dedicated and are always ready to go the extra mile when it comes to searching for your candidates. We rely on our knowledge, solid experience, reputation and a vast network of trusted connections.


We’re building something totally new and different from the traditional format of an IT company. But most important it’s a place people feel they belong to. We keep our professionals motivated, valued, educated and focus on their personal development



Communication is the key
to success

We know that the way we shape and structure the teams locally has an impact on the overall performance and communication. That’s why it’s’ an important focus when we establish a dedicated team for you.

The team is located in SFox offices and communicates directly with you, without middle management and bureaucracy. We still need to do things right, so instead we have a support team that looks after the consultants and you.

It’s a simple transparent model, without complex hierarchical structure.

In SFox we see one another as a vital part of a living organism: every person matters. And it is something outstanding. Since we don’t try to manage each other, we grow together. We don’t build a management pyramid, we build a solid team.



Analysis and Screening

We carefully analyze all your needs and requirements and do the preliminary screening of potential candidates, providing the best fits within 2 weeks.

Management Process Set-up

We work together on shaping communication flow to be sure that developer is provided with all the right systems and initial knowledge required.

Evaluation of candidates

Most suitable candidates are interviewed and are given tests to assess their technical competence. Then we move forward together, hand in hand.

Partnership Monitoring

As you trust us with your team, we look after them carefully. We do performance reviews, check on how the team and the projects are going on.

Trial period

We help with onboarding of new employees and then it’s time for you to see your team at work. We try out the cooperation in practice during this period.

Competence building

We want your business to move forward. So we work on the employees’ technical and soft skills to suit your vision and needs the best way possible.



Transparency is important to us, that's why we have a completely transparent pricing model so that your organisation knows the costs in the same predictable way of that you would have with your own employee.


It’s clear why we choose Ukraine: The developers are skillful, qualified, incredibly passionate and dedicated about the things they do, they are broad-minded with critical thinking. And it all comes at an obvious business case for your return on investment.

A significant advantage of this model is that a considerably bigger percentage of the money spent goes straight to the consultant.

To know the details of our price model just give Nataliia a call

or send her an email.

If you are in a rush and don't have time to talk to us right now,

you can just download the detailed presentation  from our

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